Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Men and the Internet, a Guilty Obsession

Alternate title:  The Creepers

No, this is not a post about internet dating. . .or explicit photos of the male of the species.  Sorry to disappoint.

This is a post in honor of my father and my cowboy cousin, both of whom LOVE to creep about on internet social networks, namely Facebook, but will only do so incognito.  To admit that they find the random postings of various friends and family entertaining would be less than manly.  So, they hide behind the skirts (or screen names) of their wives to do their snooping.

This interesting little habit has earned them the joint nickname of The Creepers.  Endearing, no?!?  We, the womenfolk in their lives, think so.

Case in point: 

"Did you see this?  Who cares if she's standing in line at Wal-Mart??  Not me.  These people need to get a life!  Sheesh."

"Yeah, get a load of this one. . . .I wouldn't be caught dead with my gut hanging out like that.  Much less posting a picture of it for all the world to see."

PS.  I have a feeling there will be some backblow from this post. . .eh, well, life was fun while it lasted.


  1. Funny! My husband is a FB creeper, too, and we share an account. I was getting in trouble for not telling him things because everyone assumed I was the only one getting on. Finally I posted a statement on there that he DOES read it every day himself.

  2. ahh hahaha. This is awesome. I love when dad calls and comments on something he saw on my facebook or what someone else was doing. It's so funny. I think they are all secret creepers. : )

  3. Haha just found your blog and I love it, as it closely resembles my life. My stepdad claims he hates facebook but yet always seems to know what I have posted...odd....creepers totally sums it up! Great post!

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