Thursday, May 13, 2010


I’ve a confession to make. . .I have no more focus these last few weeks of school than the seventh graders I am teaching. If they knew that, I would be toast. Junior high kids can sense weakness in a teacher like sharks smell blood in the water.

Post-TAKS is a nebulous period of time for teacher and student alike. The inevitable sigh of relief we all feel after the push and completion of the dreaded accountability test is as audible as the buzz of restlessness heard the following four weeks. And, as much as I try to give the appearance of being the responsible, mature adult I am positively vibrating with anticipation for the freedom that lies ahead.

It doesn’t help that I have several horse-related adventures lined up for the last few weekends of the school year. In fact, I was supposed to be leaving for a NVRHA (National Versatility Ranch Horse Association) clinic and competition today. Unfortunately, the event was cancelled. Since I had already taken Friday off I called my cousin, Grant, to see if there was anything going on at the ranch this weekend. Fortunately, my disappointment has reverted back to excitement because now my dad and I are going to go to the SCR to gather, brand, and spend a night under the stars. This will be my second branding but the first with my little red mare, Ruby. You’ll read more about my first branding, Breeze the Bi-polar, and Ruby in the Summer at SCR ’09 posts. I’ll try to get the second installment of that put up next week so we can do a comparison.

Until then. . .
I'm going to the ranch!!! I'm going to the ranch!!!
(imagine me doing the happy dance a la Katherine Heigl in The Ugly Truth)

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