Thursday, May 20, 2010

Silver Lining - Chapter Three

Since she needed to buy a few groceries anyway Brooke decided the local superstore was as good a place as any to start inquiring for help. Somewhere along the way the few groceries she had needed had somehow morphed into a cartload as she made her way to the checkout. An older woman with a poof of startlingly dyed black hair greeted her with a crooked smile as she wheeled up and began unloading her cart’s contents onto the conveyor belt. The woman’s green smock hung on her slight frame but her movements as she scanned and bagged each item were both graceful and efficient.

“I’m Marilyn Anthony.” the clerk said “You’re buying too much for a weekender. . .must be planning on staying around a while.”

“I hope so. A friend and I just moved out to the old Lewis homestead. I’m actually looking for someone that would be willing to help me haul off some of the stuff I’ve cleaned out of the house. You don’t happen to know of anyone, do you?”

“Matter-of-fact, I do. Gabe Dehart lives about 10 miles up the road from the Lewis place. Reckon he’d be more than happy to hook up a trailer and come down to help a pretty thing like you.”

Marilyn finished her last sentence with a sly wink but Brooke was too dumbstruck by the mention of Dehart to notice. A flashback of dark hair, hazel eyes and a lean body ran through her mind.

“Hold on and I’ll get his number for ya.”

No sooner had she left than Marilyn returned with a scrap of paper waving in her hand.

“This oughta do ya. Need me to get someone to help you with them bags?”

“Uh, no. I’ve got them. Thank you for help.”

“Not a problem. Good luck!”Brooke unloaded her purchases into the trunk of the green Mustang, slid into the driver’s seat and turned to look at Dart, who was sitting upright in the next seat with a patient but bored look on his face.

“It’s a small world, Dart. Sometimes I forget just how small.”

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